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Mountain Sv. Jure

Mountain Sveti Jure is the highest peak at Biokova (1762 m), which is locate about 25 km from Makarska. There is a road to the top, through national park Biokovo (national park Biokovo is open from 7.00 to 20.00 hours). There is the fee entrance.

Adriatic, Alpines and inland flora mix together. In the deep karts sink halls are dense beech wood. The route has a very sharp bends. The view to the sea and inland is amazing

It is possible to get up by walk from Makarska - take Rodiceva cesta through Horni Tucepi and mountain Staza (987). Route was built 100 years before. Hiking up is difficult; camber is more then 1000m. Hike from Staza to Sveti Jure is recommended just for training tourist and climbers. Hike up and down take less 11 hours.

The top of mountain
The top of mountain
Road from the top

Sight from the top

  Accommodation Makarska
4 km
  Accommodation Promajna
6 km
  Accommodation Tučepi
7 km